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RE: Autoexec (Sorry, last try).

One last post, this is getting off topic, but still it
seems relevant given that SW is important here.

Despite the fact you were not included in one of the various
polls conducted by periodicals such as "Information Week"
etc, they were conducted nonetheless. You are certainly
correct about the marketplace making these decisions, it
is rare that one product line is so rampantly successfull 
as to bring to bear specific (non-tax) anti-capitolistic 
behavior from the US government, but this is what we have 
with Windows. It sounds to me like we are in agreement, no? 

You have a lot of experience with a lot of OSes, and
so do I, embedded controllers included, and I know what
you mean about those GNU tools, they really are awful.

Actually my issue was with the entitlement expecting 
attitude of some posters here. There are a group of
people who spend alot of time developing good stuff
targeted for the nearly universal platform (Windows),
and give the stuff away for free. There are others
who must make a living from it. None of these people
deserve to be slammed for not giving their source away
for free, or for not supporting an obscure platform.
If you insult them they may well go on strike, and
everybody looses. (FYI Laura, you are not one of the
posters I am referring to, I know that you are a

- Mark West

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Mark West <MarkW@instantdocuments.com> wrote:

>After all the phiosophy and retoric, one fact stands clear.
>Professional programmers (those whose livlihood depends on
>it) generally prefer Windows over other systems. There are
>many reasons for this, not the least of which are a large
>customer base to sell to, and very very good development

Funny. As a professional programmer, I don't recall ever
even being *asked* what system I preferred. Those decisions
are made by the marketplace, and are often reinforced by
marketing and/or product management.

For the record I've done professional work under MS-DOS,
Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and NT and MacOS. My current job has
me doing cross-development for embedded 68020-derivatives.
The host OS is Unix (Solaris), the target OS is VxWorks,
and the tools are those nasty open-source GNU thingies.

None of which is in any way relevant to the discussion at
hand. You may use whatever environment you like; at home,
where I pay the bills, I'll do the same.

All I'm looking for is information. If I like your software
I'll use it as-is. If I don't, or if for some reason I
can't use it, I'd appreciate the information to be able
to do something about it.

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