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Open Source/software

Have enjoyed this discussion.  Two thoughts:

John Melton released JSTATION some time ago, and while not actively
working on it now (to my knowledge, a temporary situation) is anxious
for people to use/modify it; he was enthusiastic about my inquiries
regarding working with ME on making some changes.  IE, he was willing to
bail me out when I screwed it up.  I just haven't gotten that far down
the list, yet.  Source code is available on his web site (don't remember
the url just now) and maybe amsat-bb.  It runs Java, has been tested
under windoze, linux, and probably more that I don't remember.  That's
about as open source as I can think of.

Jesse (NZ3F) some years ago released the source code for SATLINK, it's
on the amsat-bb.  Now that's a DOS program, which may be a challenge for
many, but is ideal for many.  We run it under DOS at the Virginia Air
and Space Center staion KE4ZXW, 24 hours per day.  I run it at home in a
DOS box under windows95, with only the occasional windows induced
crash.  (I find that I need to reboot this machine daily, and my
satellite machine which doubles as the print server every 3 or 4 days.)
I think Jesse is not supporting SATLINK anymore, but, having modified
his code for recompilation to do certain things, I can say that it's
available, and extremely well written.  EVERY single feature I've
desired to change/enhance has required revision of only ONE module . . .
he has actually convinced me that there's some value to the C++ and OOP
hype.  I've been able to study the listings, pick the module to twiddle,
and successfully do it.

That's two pretty open satellite systems.

If it's gotta work all the time, no fail, take a look at satlink.  For
new features and to exploit some of the alleged benefits of win95/98,
take a look at JSTATION.

For what it's worth .. .



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