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RE: Autoexec

Mark West <MarkW@instantdocuments.com> wrote:

>After all the phiosophy and retoric, one fact stands clear.
>Professional programmers (those whose livlihood depends on
>it) generally prefer Windows over other systems. There are
>many reasons for this, not the least of which are a large
>customer base to sell to, and very very good development

Funny. As a professional programmer, I don't recall ever
even being *asked* what system I preferred. Those decisions
are made by the marketplace, and are often reinforced by
marketing and/or product management.

For the record I've done professional work under MS-DOS,
Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and NT and MacOS. My current job has
me doing cross-development for embedded 68020-derivatives.
The host OS is Unix (Solaris), the target OS is VxWorks,
and the tools are those nasty open-source GNU thingies.

None of which is in any way relevant to the discussion at
hand. You may use whatever environment you like; at home,
where I pay the bills, I'll do the same.

All I'm looking for is information. If I like your software
I'll use it as-is. If I don't, or if for some reason I
can't use it, I'd appreciate the information to be able
to do something about it.

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