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Re: An open letter to the Amsat Software authors (with a little political incorrectness!)

At 07:07 AM 6/20/00 -0400, Ronald Long wrote:

 >The Station was written, as I am sure you know, by vp9mu in Bermuda. He 
 >was, for a time, enthusiastic and promoted his software on the amsat-bb. 
 >Then something happened. He more or less disappeared.

There is indeed life outside our hobby.  Paul purchased "this old house" in 
Bermuda, and while not busy with the day-to-day of his (quite illustrious) 
career, spends time fixing cisterns and bringing the house up to date.

I have been a user of The Station software for years.  I use it under both 
Windows 95 and Windows 98.  It works just fine.  Of course I have a wish 
list I would like to see Paul implement in the next release, but I am 
perfectly willing to patiently use the software for what it is; the best 
analog Doppler correction/tracking software available.

Paul has never made any money on this effort, instead contributing all 
funds garnered to AMSAT NA.

Rest assured Paul is listening.  I'm sure he feels a little offended by the 
recent dialogue here.

As with all things in life, gather all facts on a subject before you make 
bold statements that might be injurious to others.

73,  Mike - KF4FDJ
          Mike Gilchrist
          VP Operations
          The Ultimate Connection
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          Charlotte Harbor, FL  33980

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          800-830-7861 x364
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