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Re: Autoexec

     I almost replied to this thread earlier, but held back because answering
this kind of proselytizing didn't seem to have any better place on this sig
than the original post. I want the people in Redmond to continue to have
success, so that I can enjoy the benefits of a robust platform and an
expanding marketplace. I suppose if Jobs or Torvald had achieved anywhere
near the Gates success; someone would be ripping them too. Remembering Bill
and Paul pitching their paper tape Basic at the early computer fairs simply
renews my faith in our entrepreneurial system.

Gun Steele
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 > After all the phiosophy and retoric, one fact stands clear.
 > Professional programmers (those whose livlihood depends on
 > it) generally prefer Windows over other systems. There are
 > many reasons for this, not the least of which are a large
 > customer base to sell to, and very very good development
 > tools. Linux blah blah blah, Mac blah blah blah, yeah
 > sure, it really does not matter. To those in the scolastic
 > environment, Linux may seem to be the center of the world,
 > but when you enter the commercial sector (where the money is)
 > you will find that developing freeware, no matter how fun it
 > is, does not feed the bulldog. Who cares what mogul out there
 > is making money, as long you you get some (or a lot) for yourself.
 > - Mark West
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 > Clifford Buttschardt wrote:
 >   > Another example of Bilk Gates wet dreams!  God, do we HAVE to put up
 >   > such stupidity!   Cliff K7RR
 > NO! ... and again I say NOOO!
 > There are at least two other modern choices out there.  I have worked in
 > three.  The other two would be UNIX/LINUX and MAC.  To those who care I
 > apologize
 > for lumping LINUX and UNIX together.
 > I began my computing in grade school - in the 70's - with teletypes, paper
 > tape
 > and BASIC.  I don't remember what the machine was, maybe some version of
 > PDP
 > series???  It was a long time ago and I was too young to care or sort out
 > what
 > was software and what was hardware.  In the early 80's I used the first
 > based
 > word processors in college.  In the mid 80's I switched to the MAC.
 > at
 > the time was a gleam in brother Bill Gate's eye.  I became aware of
 > after
 > I bought my first MAC plus.  At the time Windows was a disaster.  But
 > marketing folks have always been good at making silk purses out of sows
 > ears.
 > ... time passed....
 > I graduated and got my first job...  then my second.  Windows NT was
 > released and
 > since the guy in my office was a Windows programer extrodinare,  and NT
 > looked
 > like it was the real deal, I switched.
 > O.K. ...  I have done some dumb things before....  In retrospect leaving
 > MAC
 > family ranks high on the list.  After several years (most of the 90's)
 > the
 > Windows yoke - in most of its forms 3.1, NT, 95, 98 - I have returned to
 > MAC
 > family with the G3 series.  Apple has made some questionable business
 > decisions
 > and some questionable computers along the way.  But Steve Jobs has a
 > of
 > computing that I can agree with.
 > Bill Gates is a liar and a cheat.  He makes very misleading statements and
 > claims
 > about his Operating Systems and his company.  He extorts his vendors and
 > engages
 > in unfare business practices on the level of the old Standard Oil company.
 > I will do everything I can to avoid Windows in any of its forms.  There is
 > no
 > truth in advertising.
 > To be sure none of the OS choices is the be all/end all.  But I can't give
 > my
 > hard earned money to a company that does what Microsoft does and for what
 > reason???
 > My dirty secret is that I run a program called Virtual PC on my MAC G3.
 > allows me to run Windows 98 on my G3.  I do this because the E CAD
 > package I use and Amature Radio Designer, do not have a MAC version.
 > On my MAC - for satelite opps and more -  I use MacDoppler Pro 1.5.1,
 > MacPacSat,
 > MultiMode, MiniNec (for MAC) and AudioCorder.  My thanks to those who
 > these
 > apps some of which I have registered and others I intend to register.
 > I encorage one and all to find an alternative to Microsoft any way you
 > There are some choices out there!  Learn about them and don't shy away
 > what
 > may seem like a more complicated solution.  There are lots of folks out
 > there who
 > can help you get going.  Microsoft wants nothing less than complete
 > of
 > your information needs and they are going to get it unless we... the
 > guys
 > by the thousands... stop them.
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