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Re: An open letter to the Amsat Software authors (with a little political incorrectness!)


The Station was written, as I am sure you know, by vp9mu in Bermuda. He 
was, for a time, enthusiastic and promoted his software on the amsat-bb. 
Then something happened. He more or less disappeared.

You would think that when these people who sell something either for 
private gain, or to generate funds for AMSAT lose interest, they would have 
the courtesy to find someone to take it over, or as you suggest publish the 

What irks me is that often AMSAT-NA gets a black eye when they really have 
little or nothing to do with it. There are lots of 'AMSATs' but maybe 
because AMSAT-NA sponsors the amsat-bb, they get blamed.

For an unofficial list of 'little amsats' see

Not surprisingly the link for the Bermuda group is broken.

Keep up the pressure. Maybe the author can be flushed out.

73, ron w8gus. 
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