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RE: Autoexec

After all the phiosophy and retoric, one fact stands clear.
Professional programmers (those whose livlihood depends on
it) generally prefer Windows over other systems. There are
many reasons for this, not the least of which are a large
customer base to sell to, and very very good development
tools. Linux blah blah blah, Mac blah blah blah, yeah
sure, it really does not matter. To those in the scolastic
environment, Linux may seem to be the center of the world,
but when you enter the commercial sector (where the money is)
you will find that developing freeware, no matter how fun it
is, does not feed the bulldog. Who cares what mogul out there
is making money, as long you you get some (or a lot) for yourself.

- Mark West

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Clifford Buttschardt wrote:

  > Another example of Bilk Gates wet dreams!  God, do we HAVE to put up with
  > such stupidity!   Cliff K7RR

NO! ... and again I say NOOO!

There are at least two other modern choices out there.  I have worked in all
three.  The other two would be UNIX/LINUX and MAC.  To those who care I
for lumping LINUX and UNIX together.

I began my computing in grade school - in the 70's - with teletypes, paper
and BASIC.  I don't remember what the machine was, maybe some version of the
series???  It was a long time ago and I was too young to care or sort out
was software and what was hardware.  In the early 80's I used the first DOS
word processors in college.  In the mid 80's I switched to the MAC.  Windows
the time was a gleam in brother Bill Gate's eye.  I became aware of Windoze
I bought my first MAC plus.  At the time Windows was a disaster.  But Bill's
marketing folks have always been good at making silk purses out of sows

... time passed....

I graduated and got my first job...  then my second.  Windows NT was
released and
since the guy in my office was a Windows programer extrodinare,  and NT
like it was the real deal, I switched.

O.K. ...  I have done some dumb things before....  In retrospect leaving the
family ranks high on the list.  After several years (most of the 90's) under
Windows yoke - in most of its forms 3.1, NT, 95, 98 - I have returned to the
family with the G3 series.  Apple has made some questionable business
and some questionable computers along the way.  But Steve Jobs has a vision
computing that I can agree with.

Bill Gates is a liar and a cheat.  He makes very misleading statements and
about his Operating Systems and his company.  He extorts his vendors and
in unfare business practices on the level of the old Standard Oil company.

I will do everything I can to avoid Windows in any of its forms.  There is
truth in advertising.

To be sure none of the OS choices is the be all/end all.  But I can't give
hard earned money to a company that does what Microsoft does and for what

My dirty secret is that I run a program called Virtual PC on my MAC G3.  It
allows me to run Windows 98 on my G3.  I do this because the E CAD software
package I use and Amature Radio Designer, do not have a MAC version.

On my MAC - for satelite opps and more -  I use MacDoppler Pro 1.5.1,
MultiMode, MiniNec (for MAC) and AudioCorder.  My thanks to those who wrote
apps some of which I have registered and others I intend to register.

I encorage one and all to find an alternative to Microsoft any way you can!
There are some choices out there!  Learn about them and don't shy away from
may seem like a more complicated solution.  There are lots of folks out
there who
can help you get going.  Microsoft wants nothing less than complete control
your information needs and they are going to get it unless we... the little
by the thousands... stop them.

Bronson Crothers
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