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An open letter to the Amsat Software authors (with a little political incorrectness!)

To:  All Amsat software authors

Ok, help me out here.  I recently decided to play with "the station".  First
I noticed that it hasn't been updated since '97 based upon the files, oh,
yea, there was one update in '98.  It's completely a 16bit app and it's a
little hard to work with with the 11111-11111-1 license code.  It doesn't
appear to be supported any longer?  Or at least I can't find a "home" for
it.  It doesn't run very well under windows 98SE.  Actually crashes explorer
on occasion.

So, how about an update?  32 bit, built with Visual Studio 6 or later, and
fix some of the little things.  Heck it's still a Beta release, has been
since the very first release, in fact the release file wasn't updated with
the 98 fixes at all.

Ok, now let me climb off my soapbox.  I'm not really trying to pick a fight.
Much to the opposite, I'd like to help.  I'll be happy to take a shot at
making it into a 32bit app and revising it.  But, there is this issue with

Why is that we haven't gone OPEN source on this stuff yet?  Heck, I'd bet it
would see all kinds of enhancements and bug fixing!  It's exactly what this
kind of software needs....People who want to fix and enhance it and not be
frustrated because they can't contact the author for help or fixes.

So, how about a little grass roots movement.  Let's go open source with a
GPL license on these utilities and drivers that most of us want to count on
and hope continue.  I know there are donation $$$'s that you want to
protect, but I'm not sure you'd loose any more than you do because the
software hasn't been updated or enhanced.  If you build something that
people want to use, of course, they will purchase a license.  You are always
going to have the ones that don't but I'll bet you'd be surprised.

Ok, so, what does it take to make this happen?  Or did I just spend bits,
blowing in the wind!!!

Alan Adamson

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