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Re: Autoexec

Ke4yyddave@aol.com wrote:

> Bronson,  I bought my first computer about one year ago and chose PC
> compatible because 99% of the software I have an interest in was not
> available for MAC.  I have not been satisfied with the reliability of windows
> 98.  My XYL has an I-MAC which has been quite reliable.  She, a school
> teacher, has used Apple every since the first one was available and loves
> them.

MAC has a big presence in Acadamia... I run into many ravenous MAC fans here at
U. Maine.  On the flip side there are those who equaly hate them.  Not sure
why... most of the time they aren't sure why either... they just hate MACs.
Most people don't care they just want their #$!!@?#$!! computer to work.  I have
found fewer people forced to this attitude among the MAC users than the PC

As far as the hardware goes I try not to pick sides since I have so much time in
both achitectures.

It is just the lies and distortions that come out of Microsoft that get me...

> The Virtual PC you mention, is that  the answer?  I was told they were quite
> slow.

Unfortunately for MAC it is not THE answer...  It can do some things quite well
but others it is a dog!  Don't try to run graphics intensive Windows based games
through Virtual PC you will be real dissapointed.  In addition Virtual PC is not
designed for hardware compatability through the PCI bus, if you ask them they
will tell you so.  But it can handle some software quite reasonably.

I have found that Virtual PC 2.x - running on a MAC G3 300MHz - is slightly
slower than a Dell 166MHz (Win98), running the same software, I also use at
work.  For the apps. I run in the Virtual PC shell there isn't much of a
noticeable difference between the two except during some simulations.  The MAC
architecture - I am told -  has some distinct computational advantages over the
current generation of Pentium and Clone processors but the advantage is lost in
the Virtual PC shell.

The G3-G4 MACs, despite being a  hundred MHz down in speed vs their PC
counterparts, for day to day, app. for app. computing, I doubt anyone would
notice the difference.

> Another thing is that accessories and software for Apple are about 20% higher
> for the same PC equivalent.  I feel unless they lower there prices, they will
> have a hard time competing.

This is a problem.  It is hard for Apple to lower prices since they do not have
as much market share.  In the past the cost differential was much higher.  In
return you got a much better consrtucted machine.  Now a days the PC world has
caught up considerabley and the quality disparity is much tighter.

The construction of my G3 is quite good, as good as ever to my experience.  I
had to pay a bit more for it but I am happy to, given the quality of the
workmanship, ease of modification built into the G3 and being liberated from
Microsoft OS tyrany.

I have bought USB to Serial adapters which have worked great!  I can control my
FT-847 and recieve data from my Kan. 9612+, collect scope images from my
Tektronix 210 and burn PIC chips with my PicstartPlus programer (Both Windows
apps.) all from the G3.

All in all I am much happier now than with cheeper PC hardware and Windows.  I
have decided to live with the more difficult search for MAC apps.  If I can find
some time I will get back to writing code for the MAC and fill in some of the
blanks in my software arsenal.  To my mind the extra money I spent (well... the
bank spent) was worth it.

For the most part you can find MAC equivalent apps out there in cyberville.

With enough time in Windows you will learn what to do and what not to do to get
it to work correctly.  There are some folks out there who can help you cure its
ills, you just have to find them.  Once you get sick of all the BS you might
want to consider another system.  I hope MAC, LINUX etc.. will still be around

Hang in there keep slugg'n...

> 73  DAVID     KE4YYD

Bronson Crothers
5764 Saw. Res. Center
University of Maine
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