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6Z6 Award


From: XE1KK

Today at the sunday bulletin of Federacion Mexicana de Radio 
Experimentadores (FMRE) was an announcement that the 6Z6 award (Six 
stations of zone six) it can be issued with satellite endorsement.  They 
also mention a 6Z6 Plus award if one of the contacts was made with XF4.

The contacts must be made after January 1st, 1979 with 6 zone 6 stations 
(XE1, XE2, XE3, XF1, XF2, XF3 and XF4). The 6 QSLs and a list of the QSOs 
have to be mailed to FMRE (FMRE, A.C. Comision de Diplomas Apartado Postal 
907, C.P. 06000, Mexico, D. F. MEXICO) with $US 3.00 (money order) for 
return postage.

There is a note that a photocopies of the QSLs can susbtitute original QSL 
if they are signed by your country´s IARU society.

For more information: www.fmre.org.mx and/or mailto:fmre@supernet.com.mx

This award must be easy to work form the US and Canada since many XEs are 
regulars on UO-10, AO-27 and RS-13, and several XF4 expeditions were active 
on satellite (XF4CI was active in all of them!).  Little bit harder for the 
rest of the world but not impossible.

73 de Ramón, XE1KK

73 de Ramón, XE1KK

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