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RE: Welcoming satellite newcomers

> Another new station came on UO-14 today.  It was Gene (KB8VQQ) in
> Youngstown, OH.  I heard him make a QSO and at the end 
> proudly announce
> that it was his first satellite QSO.  The single reply he got back
> was... "ain't I the lucky one".  He received no congratulations from
> that station, no encouragement and no good wishes for continued fun on
> the birds.

Hmm, I find this a bit disappointing.  I'm all for welcoming the newcomer
and encouraging them to continue playing satellites (one should be able to
hear a few examples in the audio tracks I have online).

> Geez, certainly we can do better than this is making newcomers feel
> welcome, can't we???

We should be, and down this way, we tend to look after the newcomers.  If I
know there's a particularly interesting station (other side of the
footprint, unusual call, special event, or just plain old DX), I'll tell the
newcomer to call them directly. :-)

> On a postive note, I heard a station not too long ago come on 
> frequency
> and ask if there were any QRP stations that would like to 
> make a call or
> attempt a contact.  GOOD STUFF!!!

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