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RE: Icom's T81A

> I'm wondering is it possible to use Icom's T81A to work the FM Sats?

By itself, it is rather tricky, as not only are you limited to half duplex,
you also have to manually change bands between Tx and Rx (i.e. crossband
split is not possible).  That said, I _have_ done it once or twice.  Biggest
problem is the slow (manual) bnd switching, not ideal for diving into
dogpiles. :-)

What I normally do is pair the T81A up with a second rig and run full duplex
that way.  Works like a charm.  I normally use the T81A on 70, as it has
higher power than the old Alinco DJ500T on Tx and has a much better Rx when
70cm is the downlink.

Incidentally, that old Alinco will do crossband duplex, but I don't use it
in that mode, due to the Icom's better 70cm performance.
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