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Auto Doppler on FO-20

Hi Guys,
Automatic doppler correction software on a P.C. ,  like Fodtrack tunes your
radio to  maintain a doppler corrected signal "at the satellite".  If you
do it "by ear" you are correcting at your end of the link. Fodtrack works
brilliantly if both QSO partners have it fully implimented.

Graham Ratcliff VK5AGR wrote an excellent paper on the subject for the
Amsat-UK Colloquium 1998 with a full description and a very simple CAT
interface. I built a few interfaces and several of regulars on the Amsat
VHF net had fun trying it out on FO-20 and 29.  I expect that this type of
auto correction will be just whats wanted when working P3D on the higher

The article may be archived somewhere on the net.  If anyone knows where
perhaps they can post it to the bb.

73 John G7HIA
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