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Ok, this has probably been poked at before, but I couldn't find a reference
in my 6mo of amsatbb messages (yes I archive them).

What is the preferred operating method on fo-20?  Is anyone willing to try
FDT?  I've figured out how to setup Wisp and let the PC control both the
uplink and downlink.  With a small amount of error (the update interval on
wispdde), I can keep my uplink in my downlink and listen to myself just fine
through the entire pass.

For now, I'm a little wounded as I've only got "one channel" setup that way,
but it's not on the calling channel and if anyone wants to try a sched there
over the weekend, I'm game.

Right now I'm setup for channel 2 on the Fuji map.   Freqs are 435.85235 up
and 145.945 down.  I had to put in about 900 hz + in Wisp to get it tweaked
in just right, but I got it.

Ok, now for part two.  Why is that I keep reading the *correct* way to work
a these ssb satellites is to use FDT (full doppler tuning), and yet I then
read that "the rule is set you uplink freq and tune your down".  Didn't
think that was FDT!!  Is it just that it's easier to do the later???  I
would figure the rule would be try to get FDT working and if not fall back
to plan b.

Sorry, maybe I'm trying to not learn bad habits and maybe I'm trying to be a
perfectionist.  Now there's flame bait for you all.  Correct me if I'm
wrong.  Heck, I'm new and learning, I won't take offense.... Not yet anyway

Love to try this out with someone on the bird.  I'll take any comments
appropriate.  Like I said, I'm learning and *NEW*!


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