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Re: FT-100 and Satellite Ops

In a message dated 6/14/00 6:29:04 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
schrette@bellatlantic.net writes:

> Anyone using the Yeasu FT-100 with satellites?
>  73 Stan W4MQ

Yes, several of us have done this.  From the FT100 FAQ:

Satellite Operations 
Although the FT100 is not designed for use with satellites, several owners 
have reported moderate success in working satellites with it, namely AO27, 
RS13, FO20/29,  SO35, UO14 and even AO10.  To work a satellite, the rig must 
be put in split mode with the uplink and downlink frequencies set 
appropriately.  If you want to store a satellite settings in memory, you can 
use the DUP memories which are specifically designed to hold split 
frequencies.   Working a linear transponder satellite in half duplex mode is 
not easy.  You should have some experience in using satellites with rigs that 
have been designed for satellite operations such as the FT847.   

Lee Devlin, K0LEE
Greeley, CO  DN70  Visit the FT100 FAQ at:
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