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It's alive!!!

After more than 6 mo's of waiting, My '72 crankup/tiltover tower is up with
a set of M2's on the top of it.

Here is the current setup.

 - USTower TX-472
 - Yaesu 5500 rotators
 - M2 432 and 2mtr (short) beams
 - Obligator vertical at the top
 - SSB preamps both 432 and 144
 - 9913F, yup where my shack is to where my tower is given my house design
about '170 each run.  I know don't say it, it was the best I could do!
 - Yagi's are setting on a 15' mast and I'm using the M2 cross boom

Radios in the shack
 - 847 as you would expect
 - IC 746 works great when you need 100W on 2 :-)
 - PCR 1000 as RX for uo-36.  I've got to get it back but based upon my 1/4
2mtr vert tests, it will work just fine.  Over 90% eff in the 3-5 mins that
I have on the sat with that setup running 38k4 code on the EVM (anyone needs
it I'm happy to share, I just added the LED changes from the already
existing code)

Other stuff
 - DSP56002EVM/RI (actually I have two of them ;-))
 - Rotator controller (shrouded in secrecy for the moment)

Contacts to date. (with the tower collapsed to 22', too many TX's around and
I haven't finished my lighting protection yet.

Last night to-31 pass about 10pm local Atlanta time.
over 700k, 964 bytes/s throughput (not bad from a 9600 baud connection) and
93% eff.

Today on fo-20, I worked Bill WA2TQI from horizon, to horizon.  Course I
haven't mastered this FDT yet, but I'm getting there.

Couple of little problems.
 - Not sure I have the az rotator to mast to TB alignment correct.  I locked
up the az rotator last night.  loosened the TB locking collar, it' started
working again.  Spun it round and round, still a very tight spot.  Turned it
to that spot and loosened the TB bolts (they aren't really adjustable, just
a little slop in the holes to bolts).  Got the mast to TB pretty free and
spun the rotator again, couldn't really hear it drag down like before.  BUT,
what is the preferred method to solve this???  Just a small cry for help.

 - couple of other little things that I'll chase later, still have an HF ant
to get up on it

Overall I'm very happy, was a little concerned at the length of coax, but so
far it seems pretty good.  I'm right this minute working a 35 degree pass of
UO-22.  At 19 degrees, I have an S9 signal and 100% eff.  And this is still
with the tower collapsed.

What are good eff numbers from the pacsats?  And I'll take any other
comments anyone would car to share.  Hope I catch you on the birds.  It's
been along time coming for me and I'm pretty excited.  Christmas with new
toys is close.... Nah!!!


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