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M2 now is taking orders for the RH/LH polarization switching setup!!

Just got off the phone with Matt at M2.  They are taking orders.  Forgot to
ask when deliver would be.  $149 as a retro kit for their 2m and 432 CP

Now, let's see how many orders he gets!!!

Have fun, I just got my tower up and my array tracking.  Few more little
bugs and will crank it up ('72) and really party!  Course, listening to that
pass of UO-14 last night with the tower nested, I don't think I'm going over
there anytime soon.  That was a mess!  For those who have listened.  Just
try and east pass around 10-11pm.  I don't for the life of me know how you
get anything through it.  Oh, yea.  Fire up the 8873's and let em rip.  Nah,
spearing fish in a rain barrel get's really old and boring really fast.  I
like the weak signal stuff on FO-20!

Alan - with my .02 thrown in for good measure.

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