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I have an idea. More questions/thoughts Clarification

Mike, thanks for the information and Nando thanks for your information as
well. The rest of you thanks for keeping me on my toes. I think this is a
very useful dialog.

I am sorry for not making this clearer in my earlier comments. My plan would
be to have 2 or 3 of them linked by microwave (or simular technology) on
different stations across the Atlantic (or other locations) to span those
kinds of distances. The over the horizon distances that could be attained by
2 or 3 crafts at 60000-80000 feet that are linked should be more that
adequate (no I haven't done the math yet, this is just gut feeling) to span
the Atlantic. This, of course would be after proof of concept and so forth.
Just food for thought right now but I see no reason that this wouldn't work
if the system is succesful.

Also the traverse of the jet stream into the relative calm was my
understanding at those altitudes as well. I know that a prop is going to be
very inefficient at those altitudes thats why I was thinking that a reaction
system might be in order. Of course a reaction system that uses electricity
would be best.

Also I should make clear that at this point I am primarily talking about a
balloon system not a heavier than air system. Based upon my previous
comments I said that I think this may do the job and be cheaper.

I am sorry I don't have more time to respond but time is very tight right
now. I will try to get more information (if needed) on the board by this


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Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] I have an idea. More questions/thoughts

>At 05:27 AM 6/14/00 -0400, Jeff Davis wrote:
> >Not from 60, 80, or even a 100 thousand feet would you get a large
> >enough coverage area to span the Atlantic. At 80,000 feet the on ground
> >footprint coverage area would be about 350 miles.
>At 80,000 feet, the radio horizon would be 400 miles, and the footprint
>would be 800 miles.   At 100,000 feet, it would be 447 and 894
>miles.  Still not able to "span" the Atlantic, but an interesting distance
>to contemplate.
>Mike - kf4fdj
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