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I have an idea. More questions/thoughts

Sorry it takes me so long to respond to some of the questions/comments.

I really do appreciate them.

I have a couple of questions about this "wind". Given the density of the air
at 60000 - 80000 feet, how much actual force would be generated on a
surface? (retorical, if the speeds are correct I can calculate the force. I
suspect that the force is not a lot).  Are these wind speeds correct at
these altitudes? I am actually asking this question. I don't know the answer
to this question (and others).

As far a Bob asking about flying through the real jet stream it really isn't
important. No matter how far off course this device is blown as it traverses
through the jet stream it will make corrections when it is able. This will
be a semi-autonomous device. Able to keep itself on station with very little
intervention from a ground crew. About the only thing the ground crew would
do is to tell it to come down, go  up, and tell it where its station is
located. The rest the on-board computer would take care of. This device (or
two) , would be able to be stationed over the atlantic and we would be able
to have QSO's with europe, all the time. Obviously, other stations and other
links, QSO's with other areas.

Now, a little more gas for the fire. If the device is lighter than air
(weightless). And it has little to no air resistance to overcome (this
hasn't been proven yet but it should certainly be very little air
resistance). What mode of propulsion would be appropriate? Propellers, some
type of puffer jets. Lots of room for thought here. What kind of electrical
drives would be needed to overcome the inertia and the little amount of air
resistance that would be encountered to keep this device on station?


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>    You people are forgetting about or ignoring the high altitude winds
>which blow 50 to >100 mph. and reverse two times a year.  In the Summer it
>blows from East to West and in the winter it reverses.  There are two short
>calm "turn-around" periods in Spring and Fall lasting only a few days to a
>week.  So keeping a balloon or dirigible on station would not be a trivial
>low power consumption task.
>    Also at say 100,000 ft. you only get about a 300 mile radius of radio
>73, Harv
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