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Re: Broadband for hams?

If this idea does not conflict with fcc reg's, it could attract a lot of new
hams to our ranks.  A fast internet service for personal use with the proper
restrictions understood by all and software to monitor content would let a
lot of hams have fast internet access for email as well as many other
Phil N5PF
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From: John Hansen <john@hansen.net>
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Date: Sunday, June 11, 2000 11:14 PM
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Broadband for hams?

>At 01:39 PM 6/11/00 -0400, Lee810@aol.com wrote:
> >I ran across a web site today (http://www.midcoast.net/wirelessfaq.html)
> >is just full of information generated by a local ISP who is quietly
> >us to the 2.4 Ghz band with non-licensed power levels and antennas.  Just
> >think of what we could do if we were able to pool together our resources
> >co-locate a broadband connection with an existing repeater tower.  We
> >have high speed, persistent Internet connections for any hams within line
> >sight of the repeater.  This would be especially nice for those of us who
> >live far enough from town that DSL or even cable modems are never going
to be
> >an option.  Maybe this violates the 'spirit of ham radio'...but it seems
> >silly to share spectrum with commercial services and deny ourselves the
> >privileges that non-licensed users enjoy.  The main benefit for us is
that we
> >could have better power and antenna systems (and hence greater distance).
> >could have portable broadband Internet connections years before anyone
>I started doing this on a private basis (for my own use) about 3 1/2 years
>ago.  The setup was described in PSR at the time and also in the TAPR
>Spread Spectrum book.  That system is still providing me with reliable
>Internet access.    I'm doing this (and so are a lot of others) not as a
>ham band activity, but as a "license-free" enterprise.
> >The problem in moving forward may stem from the 'no commercial' activity
> >ham radio.  Accessing a manufacturer's web site presumably would violate
> >rule.
>What makes you think that?  I see no reason that this would violate Part
>97.    In fact, since the rules now allow you to conduct commercial
>transactions (as long as they are only for your own private use),
>presumably you could even buy radio equipment on line from a manufacturer's
>website, as long as you instigated the transaction, not the store.  I can't
>think of why this is any different that the famous "buying a pizza with an
>autopatch" case that was specifically decided by the FCC a number of years
>ago.  Is there something about doing this via the Internet that would make
>it fundamentally different than doing it via an autopatch?
>John, W2FS
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