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Low Audio on AO-27?

Hi All,

    II looked in the list archives back through last Friday to see if this
kind of message was posted, but nothing found.  Has anyone noticed low audio
on AO-27?  I ask because three NM Amateurs (Chris N2YQP, Jerry KK5YY and
myself) noticed this on Saturday and Sunday morning on all the available
passes, but when asking about it on the air, Amateurs from other parts of
the country replied that it was very strong, and good signal.  I'm wondering
if anyone knows if there is a problem onboard, or perhaps it is an
orientation problem.  Comments?

Brian, N5ZGT
   Boy Scouts of America                Amateur Radio - N5ZGT
    Eagle Scout 12/6/96     ARRL  QRP: NorCal #1700 QRP-L #580 AK/QRP #125
      ASM - Troop 41                Packet: N5ZGT PBBS, 145.05 MHz
       OA Lodge 66                      Albuquerque, New Mexico
  Yah-Tah-Hey-Si-Kess  <-W-W-W-<    Brother, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
         Please Visit my Homepage at: http://www.unm.edu/~brianm

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