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Hi Tony,

The QRM that I mentioned emanated from a neighbouring country, where there
is a lot of activity on 2 meters particularly in the segment reserved for
satellite operation.   The footprint of this QRM does extend to parts of
Australia and all the ASEAN countries. 


Sangat, 9M2SS 

At 20:37 13/06/00 +1000, Tony Langdon wrote:
>Hello Astronautic.
>13 Jun 00 17:00, you wrote to Tony Langdon:
> AT> That QRM you mentioned is a pain in the neck.  I have just once worked
> AT> UO 14. On other days, the copy is solid 5/9 conversations  on 70cm
> AT> caused by the tens of thousands hand held and mobiles on 2 meter input
> AT> frequency.  I don't know how this problem is going to be addressed,
> AT> and seems clearly out of the hands of the national society, and
> AT> possibly the administration.
>Does any of the QRM originate from your country?  All I know is that it
>originates from north of Australia.  Our spectrum is highly regulated down
>here, so pirates are a lot less common here.
>I'm also trying to get a recording of the QRM to assist some people working
>with satellites.
>I hope P3D is configured to run U up and V down rather than the other way
>around when it's over our way, otherwise it could be another transponder full
>of rubbish.
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