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Re: Misuse of the satellite bands

 OZ1MY/Ib  De 9M2SS 

Hi Chritoffersen,

Many thanks for your observations and suggestions.  I am compiling them
that may help me to have some sort of consensus about the problem.  Even
ITU is aware of these problems but they can only suggest but cannot
enforce.  It is up to the individual administrations to take notice and
repair these problems.  it is again a question of self policing.  This also
involves proper band planning and to ensuring that we follow those guidelines.

Thanks once again for your input.  They have started to trickle in. May I
request others to please respond and give their views.


Sangat, 9M2SS 

At 10:02 13/06/00 +0200, Ib Christoffersen wrote:
>Hi all,
>Sangat, 9M2SS, ask about a monitoring service for satellites. I had
written this before
>I saw that message - but here is a little about what I have heard over the
>last couple of weeks.
>It has been a pleasure to use the FM satellites over the last 
>many years with many new stations active.
>AO-21 was a very usefull bird in the "good old days".
>Now we have the use of AO-27, UO-14 and SO-35, which all are 
>working very well.
>Personally I have worked 81 new stations on UO-14 since it was switched to
>the service as a FM repeater. This shows that FM birds are just as good
>to attract new operators to the satellite service as the mode-A birds.
>I would like to thank the people who made this possible.
>There are a few problems here in Europe. If we can solve those, it will be
>easier for new, perhaps QRP stations, to become active on the birds.
>On AO-27 I have recorded packet stations from the Ukraine using the uplink
>frequency (145.850 MHz). Here is one example:
>US5WE-2>UT1WPR-8 <RR R R3>
>US5WE-2>UT1WPR-8 <RR C P R4>
>US5WE-2>UT1WPR-2 <RR C P R3>
>US5WE-2>UT1WPR-8 <I C S5 R4>:
>On UO-14 I have recorded APRS transmissions from France:
>=4243.42N/00251.42E-POSITION APRS {UIV32}
>=4243.42N/00251.42E-POSITION APRS {UIV32}
>=4240.00N/00253.00E-PERPINYA- JN12KQ {UIV22}
>The common thing for these type of transmissions are that they do not
>listen before they transmit.
>These two examples are not the worst. It has been common knowledge for 
>years that the satellite segment on 2 meters is used widely in Spain for
>services it is not intended for. Our fellow radio amateurs in Spain have
>a task to perform in this respect.
>Especially AO-27 is jammed by this trafic very often.
>In Russia the conditions are just as bad. Not only is the 2 meter satellite
>segment used for telephone trafic - but in some cases also used by broadcast
>stations. This is mostly on UO-14.
>Some countries in the Middle East also use our frequencies for both
>telephone trafic and broadcast.
>The last three examples are in violation with the international rules.
>To add to the problems radioamateurs in Denmark (that has been delt with), 
>UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy can be heard on the satellites.
>I would very much like the national societies to adress these problems.
>A third type of problem is that some high power stations try to monopolise
>FM satellites.
>If everybody tried to work one or two stations only on each pass, it would
>much better.
>I have no intention to be a policeman on the satellites - but I would like
>to see the satellites used to forward our hobby in a positive way.
>Please receive this message in the way intended and do something about it,
>if you are in a position to do so.
>73 de OZ1MY/Ib
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