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APRS, FD, Satellites and Black Holes...

On Sat, 10 Jun 2000, someone wrote:

> I think the number of people who could use the bird in analog probably
> out number the people who could use the bird digital by about 1000 to 1.
> There is no APRS/Packet activity around here [South Dakota].  Lots of
> people with dual band FM radios [though].

err... You're right, I just visited the live plot of www.aprs.net and
sure-nuff, there aint nobody on APRS in South Dakota!  Or at least there
aren't any IGates on the air right this minute.  I do see about a dozen
folks on the air in Fargo and going out 250 mile from the center of SD, I
see a lot more.  With about 2000 I see live right now all over the USA,
it appears we do have a black hole in the Black Hills...!

All the more reason for having a digital bird fly over a few times a day
to allow wilderness travelers passing though to be able to communicate

To see what APRS activity is like anywhere on the planet right now, live,
just visit www.aprs.net at any time.  Remember to zoom out to the world
view to see the whole planet.  Give it a while to draw.  Sit and watch
and you will see live activity move before your eyes.

If you have nothing but your D7 HT or D700 mobile and you are within range
of any of this activity, then you can communicate LIVE to everyone you see
there on the whole planet....(if you are lucky... hey its only ham radio!)

de WB4APR, Bob

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