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RE: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

> > I think such a bird would be a good idea.
> For now, SUNSAT in mode B just does what we want.  It can be 
> received on
> an APRS handheld with only a whip antenna.   Its only problem 
> is that the
> uplink needs more of a line budget and the user must 
> anticipate doppler on
> his uplink.
> Now if we could get a mode B PACSAT to officially permit UI 
> digipeating
> then that equation turns around and it makes UPLINK from the handheld
> trivial but takes more effort on receive.
> But in the worldwide internet linkes APRS system, it doesnt 
> matter that
> these capabilities are on two different satellites.  Users get their
> messages when SUNSAT files over, and they UPLINK their 
> messages when the
> PACSAT flies over.  And the internet delivers all this stuff 
> to the end
> user in REAL TIME....

This makes sense.  I'm not familiar with the details of the APRS protocols,
but this certainly makes things more flexible, if a little delayed for the
end user (Sunsat is only one bird, which could be up to 10 hours away - Once
UI digipeating becomes official on the other pacsats, the uplink side of the
equation will be better served).  Would seem that one or two more Mode B
birds in a similar orbit to Sunsat, but at different longitudes would help
balance the equation.
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