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Re: Subject: APRS Tiny-Web-Page Examples

On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, John Hansen wrote:

>  >Does it do cross band/full duplex packet?
> Yes and yes....  The two questions that remain are whether the filters
> are wide enough ... and whether the 5 kHz steps are adequate to tune the
> radios for high speed digital  satellite downlinks.

I think so.  My months of monitoring the downlink (for APRS) implies to me
that 5 KHz is adequate because I can appear to copy just fine between two
steps for a few minteus.  But the problem is that no one has written a
driver for WISP to control the radio, so no one has gotten around to
running automated passes to see what happens.

ALso, since the KISS interface and radio control are the same serial port,
I assume there will be some packets lost during the  interrupt to tune the
radio.  Presumably this will only be a few packets lost...  Or maybe it
will buffer them up in the TNC?

More good questions...?

de WB4APR, Bob

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