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Re: I have an idea. Please read


I believe that I am the one that mentioned the dirigible (again using solar
cell and batteries to keep this on station). I think a dirigible may be a
totally workable and cheap solution. It may be a perfect "first pass" at
this project. It may also be the perfect solution for my overall goal. But,
I also think an aircraft is a far more interesting and challenging
engineering exercise. It is almost certainly a much more expensive exercise
also. I do reject standard balloons as not having the ablility to stay on
station for any useful amount of time. I am not against standard balloons in
the slightest as far as a very useful learning tool. But they aren't capable
of doing what I am interested in doing. Please don't paint me as
anti-balloon. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I am looking for a
way to create a useful system that will allow amateur communication (24/7)
in very remote areas (with handheld equipment)  where terrestrial based
repeater systems are either undesirable or impossible to implement. Or in a
disaster area where urgent communication over large areas may be needed.
Upon looking at possible ways to accomplish these tasks I can see these
solutions also offer many other possilbilties. I also believe that the
technical expertise needed to accomplish this is available in the amateur
community. These would be low maintinance systems that would have a large
amount of automatic capabilities that could stay on station for months at a


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Date: Monday, June 12, 2000 12:06 AM
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] I have an idea. Please read

> I admit I was not that much interested on your idea at the beginning, but
>as the thread evolved I bacame more concerned, so I am writing this.
> Just like some others in the AmSAT-BB list I think that the cost of a
>solar-powered airplane capable of lifting the necesary payload at the
>required altitude would be really high. Not only for the work involved but
>also for the high-tech components needed to make it last long enough up
> So I am intrigued why is it that you prefered an airplane over a
>dirigible. Someone on the list mentioned this and I really think this would
>be much more realistic given some conditions. A couple of conditions right
>now in my mind are absence of strong winds up there and the ability to keep
>the gas for long enough periods.
> I would like to ask you if you did consider this other kind of vehicle
>before and if so what were your findings...
> 73 de Nando, CX6DD.
> Probably you have been receiving plenty of mail recently regarding your
>idea, so I am sorry if I am only making your
>At 10:50 p.m. 11/06/00 -0400, you wrote:
>>Thank you for the information. I will look on AMSAT's web page to see if
>>they have information on the format of their papers. I just might try
>>this. I think it has merit and is worthy of discusion. Even if they don't
>>deem it as something in their charter, it may spark interest elsewhere.
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>>From: Arthur H Feller <w4art@AMSAT.Org>
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>>Date: Sunday, June 11, 2000 6:45 PM
>>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] I have an idea. Please read
>>>Hi, Andrew,
>>>At 10:49 AM 11-06-00 -0500, Andrew Reynolds wrote:
>>>>Whether AMSAT might be interested in doing something like this on a
>>>>limited basis is open to question. My bet would be no, because it
>>>>fit with what 'everyone knows' is AMSAT's mission.
>>>Before placing your bet, may I suggest that you contribute a paper
>>>describing your idea for the AMSAT Symposium coming in October?  Let's
>>>if your well thought out ideas attract some interest.
>>>Please remember that AMSAT is very much a bottom up organization -
>>>are AMSAT and members do the work.  Here's your chance!!
>>>Also, suggest reading "what everyone knows."  It's all in AMSAT's charter
>>>and bylaws on the usual web site.  You just might be surprised.....
>>>Hope this helps.
>>>73, art.....
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