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Re: Broadband for hams?

At 01:39 PM 6/11/00 -0400, Lee810@aol.com wrote:

 >I ran across a web site today (http://www.midcoast.net/wirelessfaq.html) that
 >is just full of information generated by a local ISP who is quietly beating
 >us to the 2.4 Ghz band with non-licensed power levels and antennas.  Just
 >think of what we could do if we were able to pool together our resources and
 >co-locate a broadband connection with an existing repeater tower.  We could
 >have high speed, persistent Internet connections for any hams within line of
 >sight of the repeater.  This would be especially nice for those of us who
 >live far enough from town that DSL or even cable modems are never going to be
 >an option.  Maybe this violates the 'spirit of ham radio'...but it seems
 >silly to share spectrum with commercial services and deny ourselves the same
 >privileges that non-licensed users enjoy.  The main benefit for us is that we
 >could have better power and antenna systems (and hence greater distance).  We
 >could have portable broadband Internet connections years before anyone else.

I started doing this on a private basis (for my own use) about 3 1/2 years 
ago.  The setup was described in PSR at the time and also in the TAPR 
Spread Spectrum book.  That system is still providing me with reliable 
Internet access.    I'm doing this (and so are a lot of others) not as a 
ham band activity, but as a "license-free" enterprise.

 >The problem in moving forward may stem from the 'no commercial' activity of
 >ham radio.  Accessing a manufacturer's web site presumably would violate that

What makes you think that?  I see no reason that this would violate Part 
97.    In fact, since the rules now allow you to conduct commercial 
transactions (as long as they are only for your own private use), 
presumably you could even buy radio equipment on line from a manufacturer's 
website, as long as you instigated the transaction, not the store.  I can't 
think of why this is any different that the famous "buying a pizza with an 
autopatch" case that was specifically decided by the FCC a number of years 
ago.  Is there something about doing this via the Internet that would make 
it fundamentally different than doing it via an autopatch?

John, W2FS

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