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Re: Subject: APRS Tiny-Web-Page Examples

I did some probing...the .pdf of interest is here:


The manual says "yes" to KISS mode and full duplex/cross band...but the 
truth is always best observed directly ;-)

The MAXFRAME info in the above manual suggests a default of 4, but should 
allow values from 1-7.

The TMD-700A is not a super cheap option, but would be interesting to 
consider since it does include the TNC in the rig.



At 11:43 AM 6/11/2000 -0400, you wrote:
> > Questions about the Kenwood TM-D700A rig---
> >
> > Does the built in TNC support KISS mode operation? (so that a user could
> > operate a laptop running Wisp with KO-25 for example)
> > Does it do cross band/full duplex packet?
>We are all waiting for that answer!  A few have done some initial tests
>and it has worked, but the one test I heard of said that it was slow on
>the uplink.  Maybe implying delays in T/r or TXD might be causing some
>missed packets.
>It works fine for requesting fills and so forth, because that is done with
>UI packets.  But we still need more experience during uploads to see if
>the first test was a fluke or some other problem.
>Here is a guess??  I think the TNC in the D7 HT may have only allowed a
>MAXFRAME of 1.  So instead of getting as many as 7 frames per packet, you
>only get one at a time.  This does not show up in APRS UI or FILL
>requests, but it would show up in connections.
>I do NOT know if the D700 uses the same TNC, but I think it is newer and
>does have a larger MAXFRAME.  If so, then that is not the problem...

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