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Re: I have an idea. Please read

In a message dated 6/11/00 8:34:52 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
hammond@surrealnet.net writes:

> What would the "footprint" of an FM repeater be at 60,000 feet?  Meaning, 
>  how much area would benefit from a single plane/payload?
Using an omnidirectional antenna, it follows the formula: d = sqrt(2*h) where:
d = distance to the radio horizon, miles
h = height above average terrain, feet

So, an antenna 60,000 feet would give you 346 mile radius footprint, enough 
to cover a large percentage of the East coast with a single repeater.   
Realistically, you would probably want to restrict this distance if you 
planned on deploying multiple repeaters or reusing frequency pairs.  The 
aircraft approach I mentioned in a previous posting (www.angelhalo.com) 
restricts the footprint to 50-75 miles which means you can reuse the spectrum 
with multiple aircraft hovering over metropolitan areas somewhat similar to 
the way cellular technology works.

Lee Devlin, KØLEE  (K0LEE)
Greeley, CO
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