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Re: Subject: APRS Tiny-Web-Page Examples

> Questions about the Kenwood TM-D700A rig---
> Does the built in TNC support KISS mode operation? (so that a user could 
> operate a laptop running Wisp with KO-25 for example)
> Does it do cross band/full duplex packet?

We are all waiting for that answer!  A few have done some initial tests
and it has worked, but the one test I heard of said that it was slow on
the uplink.  Maybe implying delays in T/r or TXD might be causing some
missed packets.

It works fine for requesting fills and so forth, because that is done with
UI packets.  But we still need more experience during uploads to see if
the first test was a fluke or some other problem.

Here is a guess??  I think the TNC in the D7 HT may have only allowed a
MAXFRAME of 1.  So instead of getting as many as 7 frames per packet, you
only get one at a time.  This does not show up in APRS UI or FILL
requests, but it would show up in connections.

I do NOT know if the D700 uses the same TNC, but I think it is newer and
does have a larger MAXFRAME.  If so, then that is not the problem...


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