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Re: FD 2000

Hello Randolph.

11 Jun 00 00:59, you wrote to Bob Bruninga:

 RK> Here a histogram of this months passes for my QSO's

Interesting.  I'd be interested to do an examination of the passes down here.
Efficiency for voice is probably somewhat higher, I'd estimate in the vicinity
of 8-10 QSOs per pass, with up to 20 on the best ones.

Typcally, if the birds are full of regulars, efficiency is high, and there's
actually a lot of dead time because everyone's worked everyone else!  OTOH, if
there's a high percentage of newcomers, efficiency drops off until they either
the newcomers get the hang of it, or move on to something else.

The biggest efficiency killer is stations who can't hear the downlink.

 RK> I soon will have enough real audio files of UO-14, AO-27 and SO-35
 RK> passes to fill a CD.  It will be over 2 months worth of passes.  If
 RK> someone wants to do the counting I would burn them a CD.

I've got a whole heap of files as well.  Do you have yours on the web?  You can
listen to Aussie passes at http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/sat.html

 RK> It depends on how many "new comers" are trying.  It definitely goes
 RK> down just after a ham magazines come out with an article that says you
 RK> can work these birds with a HT and rubber duck.  It returns to normal
 RK> after they give up, get frustrated or are helped via phone or e-mail
 RK> by one of the regular users.
 RK> Also this has happened after some mailing list postings.

Much the same down here.

 RK> I am not saying you shouldn't put up a ARPS bird but if you do then
 RK> someday it to may become like AO-27 and UO-14 and you will wish for
 RK> the good old days when only you and a few users knew about it.

I think both kinds of birds are needed.  APRS is neat and useful, but there's
nothing like actually _speaking_ to someone!


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