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Re: I have an idea. Please read

At 11:16 PM 6/10/00 +0000, you wrote:
 >What would be the area of coverage?  Who gets to use it?  How many would
 >you have to build to get the support of this group?  I don't know what the
 >cost of the project would be, but I imagine the cost/user ratio would be
 >rather high.

I have no idea whether this airplane idea is a good idea or not.  But I do 
know that if every amateur satellite were required to show a reasonable 
cost/user ratio, there never would have been any amateur 
satellites.  Imagine what will happen if the tens of thousands of amateurs 
who have contributed to P3D decide to use it on a regular basis.  There 
would be chaos.  The same thing is true of the FM satellites.  If everyone 
who joined AMSAT with a view toward using the FM sats decided to do so on a 
regular basis, the satellites would be unusable.   I once wrote an article 
for the AMSAT Journal that argued that amateur satellites were "impossible" 
based on exactly this criterion.  Yet satellites do exist and they are 
usable.  From this I gather it is only reasonable to conclude that not 
everyone who contributes to the program uses these birds on a regular (or 
even irregular basis).

John, W2FS

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