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APRS Tiny-Web-Page Examples

I know you are getting tired of this, but one thing I left out of the
TIny-Web-Page (TWP) examples are of course:

1)  DX SPOTS.  Both radios will capture and display DX SPOTS when tuned
    to a DX cluster frequency

2)  APRS Stations.  And of course, every APRS station on the air is
    displayed as a 5 window "tiny-web-page"...

So I just thought of another QUERY-Response.  If you "Query DX" then what
you get back on the APRS channel is a "TWP" showing you the nearest DX
CLuster, its Frequency, and its direction and distance from you.

Right now I sure could use this information.  I wanted to tune in a DX
spot to capture an example for this Email, but I have no clue what
frequency they are on.  Sure would have been nice to do a QDOS DX and have
the answer back in a few seconds...  :-(

Does anyone know where we can get a list of the LAT/LONG and FREQ of every
DX cluster???

de WB4APR, BOb

P.S.  I only cross posted this to the AMSAT-BB because of the SATELLITE
Tracking and SATELLITE SCHEDULE which were the original idea behind these 
"TWP's".  The fact that they are forced to all users shows how great a
resource these are for all satellite operators...

>From now on, I will try to contain my enthusiasm :-)
and keep it over on the APRS sig as this concept further develops...

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