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Re: FD 2000

On Sat, 10 Jun 2000, Gary "Joe" Mayfield wrote:

> I think the number of people who could use the bird in analog probably out
> number the people who could use the bird digital by about 1000 to 1.  There
> is no APRS/Packet activity around here.  Lots of people with dual band FM
> radios.

Where is "around here"?  I'd be curious.

Please dont think that I am being recalcitrant, but I dont think that even
2% of that number could get a word in edgewise on voice.  Do we have any
statistics on how many exchanges are routinely made on UO14 or AO27 during
an analog pass?  I figure in the absence of QRM, a typical exchange would
take about 12 seconds.  But the "success rate" runs only about 25%?  THus
in an average pass of say 12 minutes, there can be about 15 successful
exchanges?  These are just guesses.....  has anyone counted them?

Does the success rate (total throughput) go up on the weekends or down?

I have no idea what the success of a similar digital pass will be.  But I
am hoping we get to try.  Theoretically, assuming a 20% ALOHA channel
efficiency and 3 seconds per exchange, Im guessing that as many as 60
stations could be successful per pass.

I agree, we dont have that many people on the bird yet.  But everyone with
a THD7 or a D700 can do it anytime, anywhere.  Presumably there are
several thousand of them out there...

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