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I want to have two of the larger M squared antennas for 2 meters and 436
MHz on a fiberglass boom rotated by the Yeasu as/el rotor. I want to
have the antennas 22 feet up as that would be high enuf so they would
point over the highest part of the house except when a sat was on the
horizon and trees would prevent me from working it then. 

I want to put the rotor and antennas on the mast and tilt it up from a
hinged base on the ground to a mount on the soffit of the house that
will extend out beyond the gutters.  The mast will be attached by a
hinge at the ground to a pipe driven in the ground and it will be about
8 feet up to the point that the mast will be clamped to the mount at the
soffit. The mast must extend freestanding for another 14 feet to the

Does anyone have a good idea of what mast material would be best/  It
has to be rigid as I will walk it up with the antennas on it.

Malcolm  WA9BVS
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