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APRS Tiny-Web-Page Examples

For those of you without a D7, here is what some of these Tiny-Web-Pages
(TWP's) look like on the Handheld.  The handheld displays the data on as
many as 5 sub-pages.  The D700 mobile has a much larger front panel and
displays it all one one page.  I will show only the small HT screen in
these examples...  Fuzzy photos are on the following WEB page:


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The first two examples are what APRSdata.exe "pushes" to all users on
the terrestrial APRS frequency.  THe first one once a minute when a 
satellite is in view.  THe second once every 10 minutes to the DX LIST.

+------------+   +------------+  Satellite-in-view PAGE
| AO27       |   | 1:AO27     |  Showing Up and Down freqs plus doppler 
| 145.85  -2 |   |   FM18RX   |  Showing Range and direction
| 435.795 +6 |   | * 1028mi ->|  Other page (not shown) shows CSE and SPD
+------------+   +------------+

When the satellite gets to within about 1000 miles, you can work it from
the mobile or the HT usually..

+------------+   Future PASS predicitions updated every 10 minutes
| UO22@1435  |   as listed in the D7's DX list showing all FM satellites
| SO35@1453  |   expected in the next 80 minutes
| UO14@1532  |   

The following examples show the type of information that can be delivered
to the TH-D7 handheld display in response to a Query.  The first screen
is the "immediate" screen that summarizes the data the instant the packet
comes in.  It is displayed for 10 seconds.  After that, it is stored in
the STATION LIST along with the last such 40 items.  Each such ITEM has
actually 5 "Tiny-Web-Pages" of detail.  Only the first two are shown
here.  THe others show exact LAT/LONG, and CSE/SPEED and other data..

+------------+   +------------+  In response to a CLUB query
| AARC       |   | 1:AARC     |  The * is an actual ICON graphic
| 3rd Thurs  |   |   FM18RX   |  and the -> is a compass rose
| 147.105    |   | * 13.6mi ->|  showing the direction
+------------+   +------------+
+------------+   +------------+  Location of the nearest Radio Shack
| RS         |   | 3:RS       |  in response to a RS query.
| OBJECT     |   |   FM18CD   |
| fm:WB4APR  |   | *  3.6mi <-|
+------------+   +------------+
+------------+   +------------+  In response to a NWR Query
| NOAA       |   | 1:NOAA     |  shows nearest NOAA WX radio station
| 164.250    |   |   FM18RX | |  and frequency
|            |   |// 13.6mi v |
+------------+   +------------+
+------------+   +------------+  Each home WX station transmits these
| N8ADN      |   | 5:N8ADN    |  every 10 minutes or so, or you can 
| WEATHER    |   |dir015  s13m|  do a Query to get the closest one to
|            |   |t043F r0.01"|  you at any time...  It shows WIND speed
+------------+   +------------+  and direction, TEMP and RAINFALL

Will this overload the APRS frequency?  No.  Each such query response is
only a SINGLE 1 second packet.  (Locally generated and managed.)

Home stations don't need it.  ALL of this data is already built into every
copy of APRS(dos), so anyone running at home already has access to this
data on his screen.  These TWP's are only for the mobile who does NOT have
a running APRS laptop.  THus it is a small number of users that will be
requesting data at any time. Even during COMMUTER hours, less than 10% of
all stations on the air are mobiles...

Oh the fun we will have building these TWP databases of AMATEUR RADIO
RELATED or HAM TRAVELER data for users...!

de WB4APR, Bob

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