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Re: I have an idea. Please read

In a message dated 09-Jun-00 23:38:39 Central Daylight Time, 
krandino@snet.net writes:

> This is not completely
>  flushed out but I believe that it is certainly something that could be done
>  and
>  is technically possible and probably should be  done. Here goes. I have 
>  considering the possiblilty that this group or a derivative should try to
>  launch a solar
>  power aircraft with battery backup that would spend its time slowly 
>  around an
>  area above 60000 feet with FM repeater equipment on board. I believe the
>  expense
>  of such a project would be several orders of magnitude cheaper than a
>  satelite system
>  and launch. It could be brought back down for repairs or different missions
>  setups and be
>  relaunched just like any remotely piloted vehicle.

Actually, Dean Ing had several science fiction books out back in the 1970s 
which fleshed this out very nicely. Might also want to check the back issues 
of Scientific American which recently provided an update of the idea based on 
technology available now.


Charles S. Krin, DO FAAFP
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