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Re: FD 2000

On Sat, 10 Jun 2000, Cliff Buttschardt wrote about making SUNSAT voice on
all FD passes.

> I think so!  During field day we often have a great number of
> interested people listening.  APRS and digital sounds (noise)
> just does not cut it with these people.  We need voice and
> VERY short transmissions.  Cliff K7RR

But with AO27 and UO14 and SUNSAT on normal schedule, you will already
have 7 FM Voice passes during Field Day.  I'd rather keep the 2 remaining
as digital to demosntrate to these same people the reception of Bulletins,
Messages and TELEMETRY to "anyone" with a handheld or mobile.

Someone will surely bring a THD7 or D700 radio.  Its a good time to show
the HF contesters something new...


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