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Re: I have an idea. Please read

I like the idea, however question the ability to keep an aircraft of any
type aloft at those altitudes..  I have had similar thoughts in the past.
One such thought was in that if you had the thing up there, you could have
it do nothing other than circling in a small tight pattern, thus giving
the illusion of being stationary.  Couple that with a few others and you
could develop a truely wide area repeator system suitable for all kinds of


On Sat, 10 Jun 2000, Keith Randino wrote:

> I have been thinking now for several months about a plan that I have.
> I am posting it on this board because I believe that much of the expertise
> needed for a project like this resides on this board. This is not completely
> flushed out but I believe that it is certainly something that could be done
> and
> is technically possible and probably should be  done. Here goes. I have been
> considering the possiblilty that this group or a derivative should try to
> launch a solar
> power aircraft with battery backup that would spend its time slowly circling
> around an
> area above 60000 feet with FM repeater equipment on board. I believe the
> expense
> of such a project would be several orders of magnitude cheaper than a
> satelite system
> and launch. It could be brought back down for repairs or different missions
> setups and be
> relaunched just like any remotely piloted vehicle. It would have a huge
> ground
> footprint and several of them could be linked to cover vast distances and
> huge areas. I
> believe that the FAA doesn't care much about what happens above 60000 feet
> and that would
> allow us to do just about whatever we wanted to above that altitude. I have
> not
> researched this entirely nor have I checked what the FCC regulations are
> that are involved.
> I believe that whatever they are they would be surmountable. I am not
> glossing over the
> technical challenges either. The air is quite thin at these altitudes and
> the technical challenges
> would be considerable but the rewards would also be significant. Please let
> me know what
> you think about this. I welcome any replies. I know that a lot of work would
> be needed but I
> really think that a system like this would have substantial rewards.
> Everything from emergency
> communications to APRS and digital not to mention GPS, SSTV, real time
> video,
> automatic navigation and more could be involved. While this is not entirely
> flushed out I do know
> more than I am writting about now. I just want to see what the comments are
> and if this
> has any interest to anyone.
> Thanks for reading this,
> 73,
> Keith
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