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I have an idea. Please read

I have been thinking now for several months about a plan that I have.
I am posting it on this board because I believe that much of the expertise
needed for a project like this resides on this board. This is not completely
flushed out but I believe that it is certainly something that could be done
is technically possible and probably should be  done. Here goes. I have been
considering the possiblilty that this group or a derivative should try to
launch a solar
power aircraft with battery backup that would spend its time slowly circling
around an
area above 60000 feet with FM repeater equipment on board. I believe the
of such a project would be several orders of magnitude cheaper than a
satelite system
and launch. It could be brought back down for repairs or different missions
setups and be
relaunched just like any remotely piloted vehicle. It would have a huge
footprint and several of them could be linked to cover vast distances and
huge areas. I
believe that the FAA doesn't care much about what happens above 60000 feet
and that would
allow us to do just about whatever we wanted to above that altitude. I have
researched this entirely nor have I checked what the FCC regulations are
that are involved.
I believe that whatever they are they would be surmountable. I am not
glossing over the
technical challenges either. The air is quite thin at these altitudes and
the technical challenges
would be considerable but the rewards would also be significant. Please let
me know what
you think about this. I welcome any replies. I know that a lot of work would
be needed but I
really think that a system like this would have substantial rewards.
Everything from emergency
communications to APRS and digital not to mention GPS, SSTV, real time
automatic navigation and more could be involved. While this is not entirely
flushed out I do know
more than I am writting about now. I just want to see what the comments are
and if this
has any interest to anyone.

Thanks for reading this,

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