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Info on Sats

Richard Parry wrote:

 > I disagree with his comment about not being able to find information
on the
 > web about packet radio. I submit he has not looked or doesn't know

I have found info thanks to the good folks who subscribe to this BBS!
If I had
to find the info by myself I might well have given up.  Indeed I was so
frustrated with finding detailed info on the satellites, modulation,
etc that I posted on this BBS a plea for help.  Help came and I am
grateful to

The problem remains though.  The juicy details are buried in the web
sites and
require a fare amount of digging to find.  In some cases the names of
are so arcane that you would never have expected to find what you were
for there.

I should temper my criticism though.  Much of my frustration is due
exhaustion.  I spend enough time during the work day beating info out of

"professional"  web sites that I have little patience when I have time
to look
for Sat info...

 > > > The lack of information seems to be pervasive.  I'm a member of a
 > > > formed club of hams working at Microsoft in Redmond, WA and when I

 > > > suggested that a monthly meeting be dedicated to a demonstration
 > > > packet radio, we found that nobody in our 80 member club had
either the
 > > > equipment or the experience to present the topic....
 > > > Sincerely
 > > > [name on file]

I think the word "seems" couldn't be more appropriate.  The info is
out there it just takes too much mind numbing hunting to find it.  Info
organization is a non-trivial problem.  I don't think these folks in
are any less capable of finding info than I am or most of us for that
It's just that some folks are better at it than others.  Ideally finding
on web sites should be at least as easy as using a library.
Unfortunately only
libraries have archiving pros who are specifically trained in the

Once again I thank you all for pointing me toward PacSat specifics.
Bronson Crothers
5764 SERC
University of Maine
Orono,  ME.  04469

Ph: 207 581 2252
Fx: 207 581 2255

Email: bronson@eece.maine.edu

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