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Yesterday I mentioned the concept of "Tiny-Web-Pages" for supplying data
to the Kenwood D7 and D700 mobile and handheld front panels.

Stayed up most of the night and now we have APRSdata.exe.

THis is just another version of ARPSdos that only needs to run on one
person's shack in your area and serves up the following "Tiny-Web-Pages"
to mobiles or Handhelds in the greater area.  Remember, in APRS, a
"tiny-web-page" is only one packet.

 1) Maintains a Sat Schedule for the next 80 mins on the radios DX list
 2) Sends out Satellite OBJects whenever one is in view.  Showing users
    the uplink and downlink frequencies, doppler and range to them.
 3) Responds to DATA queries with Tiny-Web-Pages for the radio's panel
    * DIGI  will send you the nearest DIGI to you
    * WX    will send you the nearest WX report
    * NWS   The nearest National Weather Service site
    * NWR   The nearest NOAA WX radio site and its frequency
    * CRASH The nearest reported old Aircraft Crash site for SAR
    * HELP  A list of data bases available
    * RS    The nearest Radio Shack or Radio Store to you
    * ATV   The nearest ATV repeater and frequency
    * XXXX  The nearest ANYTHING to you in the file XXXX
    * CLUB  Can respond with location and time of nearest meeting
    * etc...

To send a Query from the D7 HT or D700 Mobile simply address your message
to QDOS (for Query DOS) and in the TEXT of the message, enter the data.
For Radio Shacks, for example, simply send TO:QDOS     :RS

Remember, this is for serving local info to Mobiles and Handhelds.  ALl of
this data already exists in all versions of APRSdos, and presumably other
APRS software, so there is no need for fixed stations to be doing this.
But its a GREAT mobile digital application for amateur radio..

You can even make up POS\*.POS files for anything else.  GAS, FOOD, HOTEL,
etc.  And you can manage the data locally.  All you need are lists of the
LAT/LONGS of any objects you want to provide as "TINY-WEB-PAGES".

To set up an APRSdata engine in your area see the README\APRSDATA.TXT
file included in the zip file. Download and install it in your
existing APRSdos directory.


NOTE: APRSdata.exe REPLACES APRStk for the purposes of supplying satelite
tracking data to your local area.  APRStk from this point on will not
do this function, but will concentrate only on automated Satellite
monitoring of the downlinks.   APRStk has NOT been updated and 
the last good one was Version K10.  Trying to re-engineer it to
do the new upside-down SUNSAT mode just became too hard and too big,
so I decided to spin-off this SERVER function to a separate program..

CAUTION!  The format used for these OBJECTS is semi-compatible with the
old D7.  THe OLD D7 will capture the OBJECT, but it will be LISTED under
the callsign of the APRSDATA.EXE SYSOP.  But the object DATA will be

de WB4APR, Bob

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