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RE: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Tony Langdon wrote:

> > I can't wait for the "APRS sat to be sent up that was talked 
> > about several messages ago.
> I think such a bird would be a good idea.

For now, SUNSAT in mode B just does what we want.  It can be received on
an APRS handheld with only a whip antenna.   Its only problem is that the
uplink needs more of a line budget and the user must anticipate doppler on
his uplink.

Now if we could get a mode B PACSAT to officially permit UI digipeating
then that equation turns around and it makes UPLINK from the handheld
trivial but takes more effort on receive.

But in the worldwide internet linkes APRS system, it doesnt matter that
these capabilities are on two different satellites.  Users get their
messages when SUNSAT files over, and they UPLINK their messages when the
PACSAT flies over.  And the internet delivers all this stuff to the end
user in REAL TIME....

de WB4APR, BOb

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