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Digital Radio

Yes, I am annoying! Yes, I am not going away anytime soon boys and girls :-)

My last post fetched a few responses and a few eye openings for those on the list...

I am wondering though, just as a reference, with all this new fab DSP stuff with really 
high power processors etc... And heaps of memory...

Can one implement such encoding as QPSK and viterbi and all that really expensive 
kinda stuff?

How easy would it be to reprogram such a device from a remote location?

I know that we can implement software filters that are adjustable...

My other question is could anybody supply me with RAM that has 1meg or more of 
space per unit.
The only ones that I have seen are like 256K etc... I couldnt see a Satellite like 
SunSat using 250 of these to make up its 60 or so megabytes of ram.



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