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RE: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

> I just don't see the point in having a station running in 
> your car 24/7 
> that is just telling everyone where I am. Even when I'm home 
> all night and 
> it is just left turned on sending out a beacon WAY too often 
> and never 
> moving. Now don't get me wrong as I do see where aprs has 
> MANY good uses, 
> but I just don't see why you would want to have more QRM on 
> the air than 
> there already is. Now if everyone that is running aprs in my 
> area was to 
> send out there beacon on EVERY sat that they THINK they can 
> get into then 
> that  will take several minutes away from my use of the sat when I'm 
> sitting here trying to use voice on the birds or even trying 
> to send a 
> "packet" message on the bird.

Where I see APRS and satellites coming into their own is when the mobile
station is out of range of the terrestrial network.  Sure, one could use HF,
but for the end user, that means a bulky rig and antenna.  A satellite based
APRS relay would serve the mobile user well.  Keep in mind, we have a lot
more wide open spaces with vehicles in it here than most parts of the world.

> that you say that it is just a real short burst Bob, but a 
> LOT of short 
> bursts add up to a lot of time.

True, I think the burst is much less than a second, but yes, it does add up.

> I can't wait for the "APRS sat to be sent up that was talked 
> about several 
> messages ago.

I think such a bird would be a good idea.
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