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Re: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

Actually I wish someone (maybe me in another life!) would do a
moderate baudrate multi-tone HF modem (maybe 600, 1200, or 2400 bps)
with "psk-31" like (b-PSK or nary-PSK) carriers, a long interleaver, ARQ, 
etc. to do message store and forwarding.  Both types of comms are useful.

Such a system should be handy in emergency communications as well.

If done right, it would whomp the pants off of Pactor-1 and HF packet.
Oh, well.. when the software DSP guys get tired of the keyboard to keyboard 
stuff...(Difficult- I can attest first hand)  Hopefully
Mr. Martinez won't have a coronary over it.

MT63 I know is sorta similiar, but again with different trade-offs
than a system like this would need.

Fred W0FMS

>From: Bill Sinbine <n4xeo@webcombo.net>

>>PSK31 seems to be the heir apparent to RTTY not so much because of its
>>narrow efficiency (which is amazing) but because users get to "chat" in 
>>time. This business of "dropping a message" into a bulletin board, packet
>>mail box, store-and-forward, etc. is just not ever going to be popular 
>>given the ubiquity of Internet email.
>This is NOT true!!  I guess I will have to send this "store-and -forward "
>" email message"
>  It is not live so I guess this message is almost like packet.
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