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Re: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

At 07:36 PM 6/8/2000 -0400, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Sam Burnes wrote:
> > Now wouldn't a link from Australia to Texas be a great idea.
> > Got to get the map out and see how one would do that...
>Thats been in place with APRS since 1997.  Go to www.aprs.net and see
>the LIVE APRS network.  Choose the WORLD map to see where all the links
>are... (Looks like we need to start adding some more detail maps for
>thse other countries)...
>You can send a packet on APRS 144.39 just about anywhere in the USA and
>have it come out live on RF in Japan, Korea, AUstralia, Netherlands,
>England, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, etc...  Virtually anywhere that
>someone is running APRS.  If the packet you transmit here on RF is
>addressed to someone currently on-the-air "now".  Then the worldwide
>APRServe network will deliver that packet LIVE back to RF at the closest
>APRS IGate anywhere in the world...
>And you can do it from your HT....(if it has the built-in TNC and APRS
>user interface)...
>The network is growing DAILY!  And now with SUNSAT, we can extend APRS
>couverage at least 1500 miles to sea as well...
>de WB4APR, Bob

Hi All
Well Bob, I thought that you were going to tell us about this ALL 
AMATUER  "RADIO" link that aprs was using. It would be nice to see this 
type of system done on ALL radio and not go to the
"amateur radio/internet. Why not use RADIO i.e. hf to make the link with 
down under instead of NON amateur means???? You already have a aprs hf 
frequency right????

Now I know what you will say, we can do it using the sats if someone was to 
put up a aprs sat gate.
What bothers me about that is that if you only need to transmit say one 
second and there were 10,000 people using UN attended aprs like you talk 
about in there mobiles then that would be 10,000 seconds that the voice/ 
digital users wouldn't be able to use the sats on each pass. I just don't 
see the point.
I have not said anything and I probably should not even send this message 
out but I just have to.

I just don't see the point in having a station running in your car 24/7 
that is just telling everyone where I am. Even when I'm home all night and 
it is just left turned on sending out a beacon WAY too often and never 
moving. Now don't get me wrong as I do see where aprs has MANY good uses, 
but I just don't see why you would want to have more QRM on the air than 
there already is. Now if everyone that is running aprs in my area was to 
send out there beacon on EVERY sat that they THINK they can get into then 
that  will take several minutes away from my use of the sat when I'm 
sitting here trying to use voice on the birds or even trying to send a 
"packet" message on the bird.

You do the math. Up to one second per beacon (prob less) times the apers 
stations in the foot print of the bird doing nothing more than running in 
auto mode and you tell me how much time is going to be taken away. I know 
that you say that it is just a real short burst Bob, but a LOT of short 
bursts add up to a lot of time.
I can't wait for the "APRS sat to be sent up that was talked about several 
messages ago.

Like I said above, why is it frowned  apon to use the hf frequency that is 
already in place and that the APRS group is pushing the Igate setup?? Is it 
because that you might think that there would be TOO many one second bursts 
and the frequency would be bogged down?? Do you think that the same thing 
would happen on the sats if ALL of these stations were to start using the 
sats to toss their beacons out?

I guess I will stop here and go and put my flame suit on as I know what 
some of the replies will be. I can take it and that is why I'm sending this 
message out. I thought about this for a long time and someone needs to say 
it. I just don't think we need 10,000 one second beacons on our sats.!!!!

Lets see where it will go from here. I will answer any posts that have 
something good to say, the flames will just be put out!!

73, Bill N4XEO

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