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Re: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Sam Burnes wrote:

> Now wouldn't a link from Australia to Texas be a great idea.
> Got to get the map out and see how one would do that...

Thats been in place with APRS since 1997.  Go to www.aprs.net and see
the LIVE APRS network.  Choose the WORLD map to see where all the links
are... (Looks like we need to start adding some more detail maps for
thse other countries)...

You can send a packet on APRS 144.39 just about anywhere in the USA and
have it come out live on RF in Japan, Korea, AUstralia, Netherlands,
England, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, etc...  Virtually anywhere that
someone is running APRS.  If the packet you transmit here on RF is
addressed to someone currently on-the-air "now".  Then the worldwide
APRServe network will deliver that packet LIVE back to RF at the closest
APRS IGate anywhere in the world...

And you can do it from your HT....(if it has the built-in TNC and APRS
user interface)...

The network is growing DAILY!  And now with SUNSAT, we can extend APRS
couverage at least 1500 miles to sea as well...

de WB4APR, Bob

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