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RE: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

Hmm, Phase 3D? :-)
> Now wouldn't a link from Australia to Texas be a great idea.
> Got to get the map out and see how one would do that...

Hehe, there are a lot of long hops involved.  Satellite (Phase 3D would show
promise here) would seem to be the most practical route for high bandwidth
services.  Lower bandwidth services could be effected by multi hop HF links,
if someone can put up suitable relays on islands in the Pacific.  Perhaps
use the terrestrial links for real time stuff and the bird takes over when
it's available for high bandwidth and bulk data.  However, the existing
Satgate network could keep most of the store and forward traffic off the
system, so it doesn't get too bogged down (and then we can play higher
bandwidth apps :) ).

Would it be possible to get TCP/IP from one end of a P3D link to another?
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